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Welcome to the world of Mundus, where the Cellestia, the gods from the stars, dwell in their world of floating elemental planes above an ever prospering land. It is within the country of Essia on this world where our story takes place.

Essia. A country of technology and magic blessed by the Cellestia. Many powerful sorcerers and sorceresses dwell here, the land’s bountiful magic enhancing their power and studies. You, however, are not one of them. Born into a far lower social caste, you’ve struggled to find a job, start a career. Similar to many others, you have registered with one of the many research guilds within the city of Teterra.

Luck is with you, though! As you have been selected as worthy candidates… just not by a guild. “Kurrigan & Michel”, an emerging magitech weapons shop, has selected you to join their mercenary division. Nothing like taking on odd jobs for random strangers with dubious intentions. Eh, could be worse, having money for food is better than none after all!

Home Page

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